Gastrologix ( and Stratis Medical, Inc. ( have entered into an exclusive agreement for the purchasing of Stratis’ MiroCam capsule endoscopy products. The agreement will enable members of the Gastrologix group purchasing organization to access Stratis’ products at favorable pricing levels.

The Stratis MiroCam® MC2000B Dual Camera Capsule Endoscope, is the latest VCE technology to receive 510K Market Clearance designed for increased mucosal visualization of the small bowel.

Dr. Paul Akerman, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Therapeutic Endoscopy at University Gastroenterology in Providence, RI said “The Stratis MiroCam VCE system combines hardware and software excellence and is vital part of the care of the GI patient. MiroCam is highly cost competitive and can have a significant and positive impact on the office-based GI practice.”

Also new with the system is the Stratis MiroCam MR2000 Data Recorder with real-time viewer. Used in conjunction with the Stratis MiroCam video capsules and data belt or sensor array it receives, records and processes images faster and more effectively. In addition, the recently updated user-friendly MiroView® software offers features such as positioning markers, automatic bleeding detection, a reference library, and an advanced report generator. The software is HIPAA compliant and encrypted, which means it is both safe and protected.

Gastrologix, founded on the philosophy of creating financial opportunities for independent GI practices, has invested its time and resources developing programs like the Stratis MiroCam partnership to enable GI practices achieve their goal of remaining independent.