As part of an ongoing effort to deliver the best value for its members, Gastrologix has signed a three year exclusive arrangement with Northfield Medical relating to the repair and maintenance of equipment such as flexible endoscopes and stainless steel surgical instruments.  The agreement also offers GI physicians access to Northfield Medical for the purchase of certified pre-owned equipment, representing significant savings opportunities for Gastrologix members.

Northfield Medical is a leading national service supplier focused on helping healthcare providers extend the safety and useful life of their endoscopes, surgical instruments and other medical equipment.  With no new equipment to sell, no ulterior motives and no competing priorities, Northfield remains focused on helping customers achieve positive patient outcomes and increased financial savings by delivering exceptional service and uncompromised quality.  Northfield is one of the largest independent service and repair organizations in the country with over 250 field-based service representatives, seven  national repair centers and over 130 local labs and mobile repair vehicles.

Centered on quality and strict ISO standards, Northfield Medical uses multi-function inspection processes, objective specification measurements, qualified parts & components and an incredible level of attention to detail to bring products from every major manufacturer back to original form, fit and functionality.  Northfield has been in business for over 35 years, services over 3,000 U.S. hospitals and is widely recognized as one of the most reputable service and repair providers in the healthcare industry.  Gastrologix is excited for the launch of this new 3-year partnership which goes into effect on February 1st, 2019.

“We are excited to partner with a corporation widely recognized as one of the most reputable service and repair providers in the healthcare industry, “ says Steve Somers, principal at Gastrologix. “It is part of our ongoing effort to deliver the best value and opportunities to our member practices.”

Gastrologix members can contact Northfield Medical by visiting their website at or calling a Northfield Customer Care representative at 855-667-4831 (855-ONSITE1). 

About Gastrologix:  Founded in 2016, Gastrologix is the only specialty-specific group purchasing organization in the country serving the needs of independent gastroenterologists.  Working closely with a national network of leading GI physicians, their mission is to help independent gastroenterology practices increase efficiencies at the practice level, strengthening the doctor/patient bond.  Gastrologix becomes a true partner by assisting member practices in lowering expenses, finding new sources of revenue, and creating member-owned assets that will grow over time.  By utilizing this three-pronged approach, Gastrologix works differently than a traditional GPO, going far beyond simply aggregating purchasing power to negotiate favorable terms on the purchase of goods and services.

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About Northfield Medical:  With over 35 years of history and experience, Northfield Medical is one of the largest service and repair companies of medical equipment in the country.  Northfield specializes in the repair of flexible endoscopes, rigid/specialty endoscopes, surgical & specialty instrumentation, powered devices, video technology and other equipment commonly used during medical/surgical procedures.  Northfield is completely focused on uniting with healthcare providers to ensure the safety and longevity of medical equipment in order to help customers achieve positive patient outcomes and increased financial savings.