Gastrologix has announced an agreement with MetaPhy Health to provide members of the Gastrologix Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) with access to comprehensive chronic disease management services delivered through a telehealth platform and designed to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

MetaPhy Health provides an easy, cost-effective way to identify and measure the severity of chronic conditions. In coordination with both the physician and the patient, MetaPhy Health develops and implements a comprehensive care plan for patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and/or the underlying Metabolic Syndrome conditions that contribute to the progression of or risk of developing the disease. Through its telemedicine platform, MetaPhy Health focuses on patient education, as well as dietary, behavioral, and environmental challenges.

“MetaPhy is a perfect fit for our GPO members who are looking for an additional level of care for their patients with chronic diseases,” said Stephen Somers, principal of Gastrologix. “Many of our member practices will be able to benefit from MetaPhy Health’s telemedicine platform in order to deliver comprehensive chronic disease management to their patients.”

“Many patients with gastrointestinal issues are also living with other chronic diseases that can be improved through patient education and engagement,” said Rick Jacques, chairman & CEO of MetaPhy Health. “We look forward to working with Gastrologix GPO members to help them stay connected to their patients as never before.”

About Gastrologix
Gastrologix is the only Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in the U.S. working strictly on behalf of independent gastroenterologists. Gastrologix works with independent GI practices to lower costs, operate more efficiently, and expand services so that GI physicians can remain independent and continue to provide a valuable alternative to the more expensive care provided in hospitals.

About MetaPhy Health
MetaPhy Health is a comprehensive chronic disease management company that helps GI practices provide care coordination for patients with NAFLD and the underlying Metabolic Syndrome conditions. MetaPhy engages patients to help them improve diet and increase exercise, while tracking and measuring program efficacy through its telehealth platform.