Gastrologix has announced a new partnership with the Clinical Research Strategy Group (CRSG) to offer its group purchasing organization (GPO) members access to CRSG’s capabilities at preferred rates.

CSRG works with GI groups to develop or improve clinical trials infrastructure which increases their ability to participate in clinical trials and allows sustainability of research as a practice ancillary.

“Many GI practices want to conduct clinical research but are not able to devote the time to ensure success,” said Dr. Chris Fourment, founder of CRSG. “We help groups develop a sustainable and scalable infrastructure with a research specific IT platform that allows practices to spend less time on management and more time honing the effectiveness of their research program.”

Understanding how GI practices approach clinical research is important. Some practices face challenges in getting buy-in for research and referrals from all the partners. Other groups are challenged by the path to growth of the research department both geographically and in terms of infrastructure. CRSG has a proven track record in gastroenterology practices and can provide a tailored support option based on individual practice needs.

“Clinical research is an important component of practicing medicine and CRSG, with all of its capabilities is an ideal fit for our GPO members,” said Stephen Somers, principal of Gastrologix. “Many of our member practices will be able to either develop an in-house research program or further refine an existing program with the expertise provided by Dr. Fourment and the innovative CSRG platform.”


About Gastrologix
Gastrologix is the only Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in the U.S. working strictly on behalf of independent gastroenterologists. Gastrologix works with independent GI practices to lower costs, operate more efficiently and expand services, so that GI physicians can remain independent and continue to provide a valuable alternative to the more expensive care provided in hospitals.

About Clinical Research Strategy Group
Clinical Research Strategy Group is a gastroenterology specific company specializing in creation and optimization of Pharma sponsored clinical trials programs in community practice. CRSG has a proven track record of success in GI trials programs and maintains ongoing relationships with most of the large Pharma sponsors.

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