Gastrologix has announced the creation of GastroInfuse, a new program that helps independent gastroenterology practices develop in-office infusion services or improve existing infusion centers to provide office-administered medications to patients in a more efficient, cost-effective manner.

Office-based infusion centers are a critical part of our healthcare system because they are generally more accessible, affordable and efficient than hospital outpatient infusion centers. In-office infusion centers played a significant role in many practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. As overall patient volume dropped due to restrictions on elective surgery, infusion centers saw increases, with many patients transferring from hospital-based infusion centers to in-office Infusion centers.

“Developing and managing an infusion ancillary service line can be challenging. Having a one-stop shop like GastroInfuse will benefit many independent practices that want to provide infusion services to their patients,” said Kevin Harlen, president of PE Practice Solutions in Maryland. “The program will greatly improve the ability of GI practices to deliver integrated care that is more convenient for patients and less-costly than the same services provided in the hospital.”

GastroInfuse is a turn-key program that provides guidance on design and buildout to create an infusion suite and ensures the practice will be appropriately credentialed and in compliance with state and federal regulations. Additionally, the program provides a full opportunity analysis, working with each practice to set fiscal expectations. GastroInfuse will also assist practices with hiring experienced clinical and onsite technical staff and tracking all training and continuing education requirements.

“GastroInfuse is more than just an office-based infusion services provider. We are a collaborative partner fully dedicated to advancing the goals of GI practices,” said Stephen Somers, principal of Gastrologix. “Our infusion programs offer superior convenience, continuity, and quality of physician-supervised clinical care – resulting in increased patient satisfaction with their treatments.”

The GastroInfuse program captures new revenue by maximizing efficiencies while providing greater continuity of care and higher patient compliance. Unlike other programs, it is based on a flat management fee model as opposed to a profit and revenue sharing model. The practice retains a larger financial share as the program matures and the patient base grows.

A centralized claims, billing, and reimbursement department specializes in gastroenterology and infusion billing and collections. GastroInfuse works with payers to preauthorize all drug and infusion services, including verification of out-of-pocket responsibilities for patients.


About Gastrologix
Gastrologix is the only Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in the U.S. working strictly on behalf of independent gastroenterologists. Gastrologix works with independent GI practices to lower costs, operate more efficiently and expand services, so that GI physicians can remain independent and continue to provide a valuable alternative to the more expensive care provided in hospitals.

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