Practice Management Institute today proudly announces that it has partnered with Gastrologix in a joint effort to provide affordable medical practice specific training and credentialing opportunities for its membership throughout the country.

This partnership supports an on-going effort by Gastrologix to enhance the knowledge base of providers and medical practice staff through education. The goal of the collaboration is to advance the education of members by providing resources by the industry experts, and to create a standard of excellence nationally with a Certified Medical Office Manager certification specific to the specialty of Gastroenterology.

Michael Moore, Vice President of Business Development, acknowledges the value and importance of providing partner-hosted educational opportunities. Moore explains, “Our organizations share a common mission to help medical office personnel stay on top of the latest industry changes, trends and solutions. In addition, we know the value and importance of the kind of educational opportunities encouraged by Gastrologix, and remain steadfast behind the commitment hey have to the success of those they serve.”

The partnership commences with access to weekly abbreviated web-based sessions, the establishment of lengthier quarterly sessions geared to enhanced knowledge and skillset among providers and staff, and the creation of an administrative certification specific to the specialty.

About Practice Management Institute

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