Group Purchasing

Gastrologix is the nation’s only GI-specific group purchasing organization (GPO) working on behalf of its members in a business development capacity.

We work with independent GI practices to lower costs, operate more efficiently and expand services, so that GI physicians can remain independent and continue to provide a valuable alternative to the more expensive care provided in hospitals.

As a group, GI practices can increase the volume of their overall purchasing demands. By increasing the forecast purchase volume, we can negotiate lower prices for goods or services compared to what might be negotiated by each individual GI practice.

We help our exclusive industry partners reduce the amount of individual negotiations needed to enter in to contracts for the sale of products and services, thereby achieving overall cost savings.

As a result, increased efficiencies and lower total costs provide savings to providers, patients and the entire health care system.

Business Development

Unlike most national group purchasing organizations, we act as a true partner to our members, bringing more to the table than simply preferred pricing on goods and services.

We serve as a business development organization, working with our members to develop ancillary services and create assets that help independent practices succeed.

These services include data aggregation systems, real estate, insurance, human resources and many other components of running an independent practice.