Unlike most national group purchasing organizations, we act as a true partner to our members, bringing more to the table than simply preferred pricing on goods and services. We also serve as a business development organization, working with our members to create programs that help independent practices succeed.


Telemedicine Platform for Chronic Disease Management

Gastrologix partners with MetaPhy Health to provide an easy, cost-effective way to identify and measure the severity of chronic conditions. In coordination with both the physician and the patient, MetaPhy Health develops and implements a comprehensive care plan for patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and/or the underlying Metabolic Syndrome conditions that contribute to the progression of or risk of developing the disease. Through its telemedicine platform, MetaPhy Health focuses on patient education, as well as dietary, behavioral, and environmental challenges.

In-Office Retail Pharmacy

An in-office retail pharmacy can provide a new source of ancillary revenue and enhance patient compliance, thereby improving the clinical and financial performance of the practice.


Anatomic Pathology Lab (POL) and Clinical Laboratory

We assist GI practices in developing new in-office pathology labs as well as supplying the ongoing needs of existing Pathology POLs. These efforts have resulted in savings for member practices in both the setup of a new lab and enhancing the capabilities of an existing lab.